Our Partners

Together we recognize that we have responsibilities and duties.
We believe that every person can make a difference in society, it is up to each of us to make the best use of our time to help create a happier world for these children, older or younger you can help.

We've learned how to listen to people with passionate and thoughtful concerns on making it different every day.

We have a lobby for it, we organize meetings and events, and, of course we receive calls, mails, e-mail that express their views. It's really great to see how much difference that individuals can make.

Guided by a purpose to make the UAE an indifferent place for people with Autism, Since its humble beginnings the Autism Trust Foundation (ATF) works to provide support, ambition, and hope to the community, leading the way to creating a society that whole-heartedly accepts and welcomes those with Autism.

The Autism Trust Foundation (ATF) is a non-profitable organization registered in the UK & the United Nation Department of Economic and Social Affairs with a truly global reach in its portfolio of unique program and initiatives throughout the world. The expanded focus would help ATF provide affordable therapy and support to children and families dealing with autism across the UAE.
The Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota is one of the most respected and innovative psychology departments in the United States. A 100-year legacy of academic excellence and ground-breaking researches. We are currently working with the Autism Trust Foundation and its centers by providing our Associated Doctors to manage and maintain all the diagnoses and reports and the University approves all the programs submitted by its Associated Doctor from the ATF Learning Difficulties Center.